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Attendance Policy

This policy is taken from the SFGMC Handbook

Regular attendance at rehearsals and performances is necessary to maintain the artistic quality of the Chorus. Members are required to:

  • Attend regular Chorus rehearsals. At the beginning of each concert session, the Artistic Team sets a maximum number of rehearsals a singer may miss.
  • Attend mandatory technical and dress rehearsals.
  • Perform in all season subscription concerts.

In addition, members are strongly encouraged to:

  • Attend sectional rehearsals.
  • Attend retreats- in and out of town.
  • Attend additional performances for which a personal commitment has been made.

Attendance records are kept by the Section Coordinators. Members are expected to arrive on time and stay for the full duration of each rehearsal. Leaving at breaks will result in the member’s attendance being recorded as "absent" for that rehearsal.

It is your responsibility to inform your Section Coordinator of an absence from a mandatory dress rehearsal or concert.

If you are absent from more than the permitted number of regular rehearsals, your Section Coordinator will notify you that you are required to sing a Concert Preparedness Audition (CPA).