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What is marketing? Definitions abound, but the one we will use here is this: Marketing is the process by which we come to understand the relationship between our product (in this case, our concert performances) and our customer (our audience, our donors and supporters).

In other words: how do we sell tickets to our concert?

Your singing members will always be your best advocates and sales people. In addition to traditional marketing techniques like direct mail, advertising, email and presence with a website, the realm of social media has opened up new and exciting ways to reach your audience and promote your concerts.

Need a Sample Marketing Plan?

Marketing Plan

An effective marketing plan will define three key things: 1] where are we as a Chorus today, 2] where do we want to be as a Chorus in the future and 3] what do we need to do to get there.

Download a sample GALA Chorus marketing plan to get you started!