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Social Media Policy

SDGMC Social Media Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors on November 20, 2011


To ensure consistently appropriate representation of San Diego Gay Men's Chorus image on Social Media venues, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Third Party Websites


1. Every member of SDGMC (Active or LOA) acts as an ambassador of our organization and mission to the public at large, representing the chorus' brand and its commitment to our patrons, community and donors.

The responsibilities of a chorus member relating to Personal Use of Social Networking and Other Third Party Websites are:

  • Only information about SDGMC that is in the public domain should be disclosed. If it is posted at, it is safe to copy/paste and use in social networking activities.
    • When in doubt, check with the Director of Marketing before posting anything
  • If it is easy to tell you are a member of SDGMC, do not engage in on-line activities that might bring SDGMC into disrepute.
  • Do not post derogatory or offensive comments about other chorus members, especially in situations where the name SDGMC is involved.
  • Do not criticize other choruses and arts groups in a non-constructive manner.
  • Use social media responsibly, to express yourself and your own opinions, but not as an SDGMC representative.
  • Tag only photos that will showcase SDGMC as the reputable organization that it is. If in doubt, DO NOT TAG! Please be respectful when posting photos of other chorus members and ask for permission before tagging them.

2. Any policy violations that are reported will be subject to an investigation, led by the Director of Marketing.

3. If a committee of the Board of Directors determines that a violation of this policy has occurred, necessary corrective actions will be taken. These actions may include member termination from the chorus if the committee determines that the policy violation has the potential to damage the chorus reputation and/or have constituted harassment of a chorus member.