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Hiring Recommendations for a Community Chorus Artistic Director

Hiring Committee, Personnel Committee or Board Task Force

  • Update or write AD job description (see GALA Choruses website for examples)
  • Create criteria for job fit: required experience, education and characteristics
  • Post job opening
  • Post hiring information and job description on chorus website
  • Collect and respond to applicants (recommend to only receive resumes by email so they can easily be distributed to Selection Committee)

Interview & Selection Committee

This committee should be made up of 3-5 individuals including professionals with experience as choral conductors (preferably from outside the chorus), individuals with experience in non-profit organizations, at least one board member and perhaps a singer representative from the Chorus.

  • Review and rank resumes from candidates. See attached spreadsheet.
  • Determine 3-6 applicants for an in-person interview by the Selection Committee. See attached handout for recommended interview questions.
  • From these interviews, select 2-3 top candidates to audition with the chorus.

Artistic Director audition

While there is benefit in having chorus singers participate in the AD audition process, the chorus should not be the decision-makers in hiring an Artistic Director. Their role should be to serve as the audition choir, to meet the candidates, and offer their general feedback to the Selection Committee.

The critical review of each AD Candidate should be done by a committee of individuals trained in choral conducting and the attributes listed in the Selection Committee description above.

  • Assign 1-2 pieces to the AD candidates or ask them to bring a piece to rehearse with the chorus (or both options).
  • AD candidates should be asked to prepare brief vocal warm-ups, rehearse 1-2 pieces of music, and end their rehearsal time with a chance for questions from singers. Be clear about how much time the conductor has and ask them to plan and monitor their own rehearsal.
  • Singers may fill out a feedback form on candidates (see sample) for use by the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee should rank each candidate during the audition process and meet following the auditions to select a recommended candidate.
  • In most choruses the Selection Committee would recommend a candidate to the Board of Directors who is responsible for the actual hire.