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One Voice ED Phone Interviews

Set aside up to 30 minutes for the phone interview

Introduce Self

Hi, [their name] I'm Paul, a member of One Voice's personnel committee. As the board chair and singing member, my role is to work on behalf of the personnel committee, board, and leadership team to complete this round of interviews. I will take notes during today's chat and will review your application with our leadership team to select which candidates are invited to a panel interview. We may have time at the end of our 30 minute discussion for you to ask questions, but before we begin the interview, do you have any initial questions I can answer?

OK, as I ask each question, I ask you to be succinct and use specific example from your experience to illustrate your answer.

Ask questions

1. How did you first become aware of this position?

2. Why are you interested in this role – and why would you leave your current role? And if offered the position, how soon could you start?

3. Briefly describe the most significant responsibility you have in your current position and what it has taught you?

4. What are the many priorities and stakeholders you currently juggle at work? (How do you balance these different demands – what strategy do you use?

5. What time of work environment and culture gives you the most energy and excitement?

6. What type of decisions do you make in your current position?

7. What decisions are easiest for you to make and which ones are the most difficult? Why?

8. The ED role can be quite stressful at times. How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance and minimize stress?

9. What experience do you have managing paid employees, including coaching and performance reviews?

10. How about working with and motivating un-paid volunteers?

11. Tell me about a confrontation that you've had with a board member. What was the situation, and how did you handle it? How did it turn out?

12. Through what tools can a board or committee become more useful or productive?

13. What actions can an ED take to establish teamwork and shared responsibility in the organization?

14. With which of the fundraising and fund development responsibilities in the job description do you have the most experience? The least?

15. With which of the marketing and PR responsibilities in the job description do you have the most experience? The least?

16. What are your greatest strengths?

17. We are interviewing other highly qualified individuals for this position. What sets you apart from the others?

Answer questions (if time permits)

We have x minutes left in our phone interview, what questions do you have at this time, either about One Voice, or about this position?

(Determine if the questions are well-thought, or if they ask questions of publically available information).

Thank you

If we were to call you in for an in person interview are your available on {Tuesday} afternoon or evening Next week?

We will notify candidates moving on to second round Panel Interviews by Thursday this week via email. Is this email [verify], the one I should use to communicate with you?