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One of the Board's primary responsibilities is oversight of personnel matters. It is also an area where there seems to be frequent difficulties. Many of these difficulties can be avoided through clear and consistent communications -having an accurate job description that is clearly explained when a staff member is hired, having a clear organization chart so responsibilities and authority are transparent and the completion of regular staff evaluations so there are no misunderstandings about whether or not expectations are being met. The materials in this section provide information and document examples to help you handle personnel matters in a professional and respectful manner.

Job Descriptions:

The use of a well written and accurate job description is critical to getting your chorus off on the right foot with a new employee. If you expect the artistic director to be involved in fundraising say so in the job description. If the chorus manager is expected to be present at rehearsals make that clear in the job description.

Artistic Director Job Description
An example of an artistic director job description

Accompanist Job Description
An example of a job description for an accompanist

Board Job Description
It is very helpful for the chorus to also have a board job description to make sure expectations of board members are clearly defined

Development Director Job Description
An example of a development director job description

Executive Director Job Description
An example of a job description for an executive director

Office Manager Job Description
An example of an office manager job description

Music Librarian Job Description
An example of a job description for a music librarian

Production Manager
An example of a production manager job description

Section Leader
An example of a job description for a section leader

Small Ensemble Director
An example of a small ensemble director job description

Staff Evaluations:

It is critical for chorus staff to receive evaluations of their performance at least annually. This section includes examples of evaluations forms that may be helpful.

Chorus Staff Evaluation Template
A very thorough evaluation template that could be used for any staff position

Artistic Director Annual Review
A very detailed job performance review tailored to an artistic director

Evaluation Form Template
A simpler, less detailed evaluation form

Contract Examples:

Many choruses choose to document their relationship with staff using contracts. This section includes examples of contract documents that might be appropriate.

Consulting Agreement -Artistic Director
This is a standard consulting contract for personal services set up for an artistic director

Consulting Agreement -Executive Director
This is a standard consulting contract for personal services set up for an executive director

Consulting Agreement -Assistant Director and Principal Accompanist
This a standard consulting contract for personal services set up for an assistant director

Employee vs. Independent Contractor:

There are very specific tests to determine whether an individual should be considered an employee of the chorus or an independent contractor. The classification has significant payroll tax implications for the organization and should be reviewed carefully. The document below describes the tests that the Internal Revenue Service applies to make the determination between employees and independent contractors. If the chorus board of directors has any doubt about the appropriate categorization of its staff an attorney or CPA should be consulted.

IRS 20 Questions -W2 vs. 1099
This document from the IRS describes the main factors in making the determination and lists the 20 questions used by the IRS.

Organization Chart:

An organization chart is a convenient way to graphically describe the reporting relationships in an organization. It is critical to clear communications that there be clarity about who reports to whom.

Example Organization Chart
This document shows an example of an organization. You can easily replace the titles and positions with ones that are appropriate for your organization.

Hiring Tools:

Executing a job search and hiring a new artistic or executive director is a challenging undertaking. Asking the right questions before and during the process and having a system for gathering input can make a difficult task a bit easier.

Steps for Hiring a New AD
This document describes the overall process for hiring an artistic director in an overview fashion.

AD Resume Ranking
This spreadsheet facilitates a comparison of the resumes received for the position by ranking them on a set of criteria defined by job description.The spreadsheet can be easily adapted to match a particular chorus' criteria.

AD Interview Sample Questions
The document contains an extensive list of possible interview questions. Each chorus can choose and adapt the questions that are most relevant for their situation.

AD Audition -Singer Feedback
A simple half-page form for collecting feedback from singers following auditions of multiple candidates

Selection Committee Audition Ranking Form
A somewhat more comprehensive ranking form including specific criteria for evaluation of candidates

ED Interview Questions
Provides an outline for an in person interview of a candidate for an executive director position.

Reference Release Form
A form to use to collect references and provide clearance to contact the references.

ED Question Bank
This document contains a list of questions to be asked of a candidate for an executive director position.

ED Phone Interviews
This document contains a script and questions for a phone interview of an executive director candidate.

ED Resume Ranking
This spreadsheet contains criteria for ranking resumes received from executive director position candidates.


Here is a link to a Volunteer Handbook which our friends at Chorus Connection have allowed us to include here for your reference.

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