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Board Development

Developing strong, healthy boards is a critical issue for all of our member choruses.

Board Member Job Description

Board Job Description
The Board Job Description discusses responsibilities of the Board as a whole and of individual members of the Board

Board of Directors Responsibilities
The Board of Directors Responsibilities is another example with very specific financial obligations included

Recruitment Process

Identifying new board candidates to sustain your board is every board member’s responsibility but it is critical to have some clear ground rules on how that recruitment process is supposed to be conducted.

How to Woo and Win a Great Board Member
PDF Document
Slide outline describing the process of identifying and vetting potential board candidates

Interviewing and Vetting Board Members
PDF Document
Step by step description of the process for courting candidate board members.

Blue Ribbon Nominating Committee
PPT Slides
Presentation by Jan Masaoka of the Blue Avocado on an approach to recruiting board members

Blue Ribbon Nominating Committee
Article by Jan Masaoka which discusses an approach to recruiting board members

Diversity and Non-Profit Boards
Article by Jan Masaoka on issues surrounding diversity on non-profit boards

Questions to Ask Candidates for the Board
Article by Jan Masaoka providing example questions to ask and expect from board candidates

Skills Grid

A skills grid can be a useful way of identifying what skills are critical to your board’s performance and tracking what skills are currently represented on your board.

 Skills Matrix Input Form
Excel Document
Form for collecting skills information from staff and board members

Completed Skills Matrix
Excel Document
Example completed form with formulas built in to calculate totals and averages

Succession Planning

Staying afloat from day to day is hard enough and yet it is important to consider succession planning at the board, staff and key volunteer levels. The articles provided below provide some food for thought and a template for beginning the process of creating a succession plan.

Sample Succession Plan
PDF Document
The article provides an example of a succession plan

The Board’s Role in Succession Planning
PDF Document
The article provides a step-by-step discussion of the process of succession planning and linking back to your strategic plan

Building Leaderful Organizations
PDF Document
This monograph discusses several different approaches to succession planning

Can Founders and Successors Co-exist?
PDF Document
This study examines the issues surrounding the specific transition from a founding director or executive. While the entire study is lengthy, there is an executive summary and conclusions section that can be read quickly

Conflict Resolution

Dealing with conflict is always a challenge whether it arises between board and staff, board and singers or individual board members. Finding constructive ways to deal with conflict before it gets out of hand is a critical capability. The book described below is one resource for learning to deal with conflict.

Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations
Book available through
Resolving Conflict is designed for the unique needs of non profits and can help you understand, identify and resolve conflict constructively. The guide’s eight-step process shows you how to spot conflicts, decide whether to intervene, uncover and deal with the true issues involved and design and carry out a conflict resolution process.

Board Development

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