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Rehearsal Tools

In order to have a great rehearsal it is best to make a plan, create a map and know where you are heading! The best time to plan your upcoming rehearsal is the morning after your last one while the musical issues are still fresh in your mind.

This section offers tips about score preparation, rehearsal recordings, memorization, utilizing technology, warm-ups and much more!

Preparing for Rehearsal

Some excellent tips and tools to help revitalize your rehearsal!


There are as many theories about warm-ups as there are conductors! Here are some helpful (and contrasting) thoughts from a few conductors.

Technology in Rehearsal

The first steps into digital sheet music have been taken. While there is much room for growth and development there are several tools available for use in the traditional choral rehearsal in the areas of music readers, notation readers and audio/video apps.


Off book or on? That is the question. If your chorus memorizes their music (or if you would LIKE them to) here are some tips and tricks to encourage accurate memorization.


Tips for Healthy Rehearsals

Chorus America has some excellent rehearsal resources. Check out this article.