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Music recordings are an important tool for choirs. From archive concert recordings to studio produced recordings, the world of music recording is changing rapidly. Below you will find recording tips, information about mechanical licenses and options for selling your music by download.

Archive recordings are an important element in preserving the history of your chorus. They also offer the conductor and singers a chance to review and critique their work. Make it a priority to record each concert whether or not you decide to distribute those recordings. As long as you are not distributing these recordings you are allowed to record your concerts without obtaining a mechanical license.

Selling commercial recordings is rarely a money-making venture these days. On the other hand, it is easier than ever to record and distribute choral music. Tresona is partnering with GALA Choruses to help make our member choruses’ music accessible. Once your recording master is finished simply send it to Tresona and they will help secure the proper mechanical licenses, offer the tracks for download purchase on their website and distribute your chorus tracks to common distributors including Amazon and CD Baby. Contact Tresona for more information.


What's a Mechanical License?

Any time you distribute a recording, whether for sale or free, you are required to have permission from the copyright holder in the form of a Mechanical License. See Copyright & Licensing.