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Copyright & Licensing

Fundamentally, copyright compliance is about honoring the creators of our music and helping them make their living from their music so that they can make more of it for us. Whether your chorus is performing a free community concert or in a ticketed venue, if you are performing copyrighted music you are legally (and morally) responsible to pay the composer and those institutions that support the work of composers.

Here’s a concise summary of copyright information by Kristan Burkert- The Legal Side of Choral Music.

Tresona has provided us an excellent and very readable copyright guide.

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GALA 411 Artistic Advisor presented Copyright Considerations in a Virtual World at the 2020 GALA Leadership Symposium. Check it out!

Want more help?

ChoralNet also has some excellent resources on Copyright and Licensing

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
chart detailing what is and isn't in Public Domain in the US. You can use it on the Web, or print out a PDF file.