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Dr. Catherine Roma Women Composers Commissioning Project

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Choruses are invited to join the Commissioning Consortium for the 2024 Roma Commission. Participation is on a sliding scale from $150-$450. The commission will be completed by August 1, 2023 for performances in the 2023-2024 choral season. Applications close on June 30, 2023. Apply now!

DisenfranchisedA square of faces with the word "disenfranchised" written over top in red capital letters.

Minnesota composer Elizabeth Alexander is already hard at work on “Disenfranchised,” an original choral piece that takes a straight-on look at the insidious, never-ending cycle of voter suppression. With wit, directness, and a touch of satire, this high-energy song calls out disenfranchisement for what it truly is: a power game with winners and losers, ever-changing rules, and underlying it all, the intent to exclude.

This moderately-difficult 3-4 minute piece will be available in three different voicings (SATB, SSA, and TBB) designed to facilitate programming with combined, flexibly-voiced and intergenerational choirs.

Want to know more? Get a glimpse of Elizabeth’s process here – including a sneak-peak at the lyrics!

"Lifting As They Climb" by Joan Syzmko
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Listen to Elizabeth Alexander's music and explore her website.

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