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Commissioning Timeline

Commissioning a new choral work can take 12-24 months depending on the composer selected and difficultly of the piece. Here is a sample timeline for commissioning based on a 14-month period.

Month 1-2

  • Get feedback from chorus members as to what kind of piece they would like to commission.
  • Artistic Director creates a vision for the new work.
  • Decide length and performing forces.

Month 3:

  • Develop a budget and contact funding sources.
  • Consider partnering with another GALA Chorus to share the commission and cost.
  • Create a commissioning timeline.

Months 4

  • Decide if you commission will be created via a contest, a request for proposals or simply by contacting a favorite composer.
  • Research composer options, contact composers, listen to recordings, review scores.
  • OR send out a request for proposals (see "Selecting A Composer" in the GALA Resource Center).
  • OR create a contest for composers to submit pieces.

Month 5

Review submitted scores and select composer. Verbally negotiate fees, duration, performing forces, etc (See Commissioning Checklist)

Month 6

  • Develop and sign a contract including specifications for attendance at rehearsals and performances, score review, timeline (see sample contract templates).
  • Initial payment to composer.
  • Send chorus recordings to composer and clarify difficulty level, expectations for split parts and anything else that would help the composer write a great piece for your choir!

Month 7

  • Review and select text with composer. Secure text permissions.
  • Determine composition title and description of the piece.

Months 8-10

  • Compose music, Artistic Director receives periodic reports and score samples.
  • Begin planning premier and how to promote it.

Months 11-12

  • Review score draft.
  • Approval of final draft and final proof of score.
  • Final score delivered to Artistic Director, distribute choral scores.
  • Final payment to composer.

Months 14-16

  • Rehearsals, visit from composer to work on the piece.
  • World premier, plan a meet the composer event.

Month 18

  • Send recording and program to composer along with thank-you from chorus members.
  • Submit your new commission to the GALA website and encourage other choruses to perform it.