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Member Spotlight

Paradox Voice Band

Created and managed by Fritz Lambandrake, Paradox Voice Band is San Francisco's professional, a cappella pop band of powerhouse soloists, booming beatboxers, and street-real rappers. PVB constantly covers and mashes up the latest chart-topping hits with the greatest party songs of all time in exciting, musically adventurous ways. All Paradox music is recorded and performed using just singers' voices & bodies – no other instruments. Who needs a piano, bass & drums? Paradox Voice Band IS the piano, bass, & drums and the lead and backup vocals too!

Member Spotlight - Phoenix, Colorado's Trans Community Choir

Phoenix, Colorado's Trans Community Choir

Phoenix, Colorado's Trans Community Choir is a fully collaborative grassroots community of individuals who believe in the transformative potential of the arts for personal empowerment and societal change. Although many of its members are trans-identified, the choir is home for anyone who does not fit neatly into the gender binary, as well as all those touched by trans issues, including partners, parents, friends, and allies.

Member Spotlight - Philadelphia Gay Mens Chorus

Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus

The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus (PGMC) entertains audiences, supports communities, and fosters acceptance through exceptional musical performance.

Artistry and Outreach:

The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus (PGMC) is wrapping up on their historic 35th Anniversary Season. This past month has been the most exciting yet, and is the best excuse to share this noteworthy news.

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