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Member Spotlight

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The West Coast Singers

The West Coast Singers, chorus of the lesbian and gay community of Los Angeles, is a diverse choral family dedicated to performing music in a fun, social, and welcoming environment.

Founded in 1983, the West Coast Singers is proud to be one of the oldest and longest lasting lesbian and gay mixed choruses in the nation.

Born during a struggling time for gays and lesbians, West Coast Singers provided a “home” to create music together in a non-threatening environment. This safe haven was vital in 1983, and is still relevant today as our singing membership spans from recent high school graduates to senior citizens who still want to be an integral part of the community.

In our 31st year, our membership and musicianship have both grown, yet the vision of a welcoming community is still at the core of our chorus as we support the LGBTQ spectrum along with our straight allies. Members of West Coast Singers are gay and straight, cisgendered and transgendered, young and old, and from a variety of cultures and ethnicities who have joined together to demonstrate a positive example of diverse elements working together to create the rich, full-bodied sound that comes from a SATB mixed voice chorus.

Artistry and Outreach:

We maintain a commitment to building bridges of understanding through performance and it is that commitment that motivates our outreach efforts by supporting the community through performances at many senior centers, various hospitals and nursing homes. We perform annually in the West Hollywood L.A. PRIDE parade and at the Hope Street Family Center serving low-income children and families. West Coast Singers is proud to be the only gay and lesbian entertainers ever to perform within the chambers of the Los Angeles City Council for the assembly in the history of the City Council, in celebration of Gay Pride Month.

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Listen to a sample:

West Coast Singers – Joy to the World

West Coast Singers

Inspirational Quote:

What the West Coast Singers mean to me.

I was first introduced to the chorus in the late 90’s. I have been to almost all the concerts since then. The beautiful music is what first attracted me… it fills me up. I can laugh, cry, be thoughtful and inspired by the music. I came for the music and I have stayed and continue to support your efforts because of the love. The collaboration, the generosity, the inclusiveness are all part of a WCS experience. I feel accepted and loved and really, isn’t that what we are all looking for? So, thank you WCS…The drives, rehearsals, practicing in your cars, giving up family time and costs are all worth it. You are each a gift and together you are the best gift ever.
– A facebook post from audience member, Pam Davis‎

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