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Festival 2012 Memories

I was hoping that GALA would be a positive experience for my choruses, but it was SO MUCH MORE. Every single member was so psyched after performing, and enjoyed all of the performances and activities.
- GALA Artistic Director

I spoke with a delegate as we were leaving the closing ceremony -- I asked him how Festival was for him: “The best Festival ever - and I've been to nearly all of them." I asked, "even better than Montreal?”, to which he replied emphatically, “yes, absolutely, bar none”.
- GALA Board Member

The Festival was one of the best weeks of my life, the quality of the performances was mind boggling.
- Tresona recording staff

What a transformative experience to be at my first GALA Festival. Even though I come from a fairly large chorus, it's easy to feel isolated in my community. It is heartening it is to know that there's this larger community of support.
- Chorus Board President

Thank you for the experience of singing with the MileHIVoices (HIV+ chorus). In 20 years with GALA I have never done anything so wonderfully rewarding. I heard many stories from guys who used this concert to come out about their status to their own choruses. I know it was especially powerful for the guys who have been positive for less than 5 years to meet guys who have been positive for over 25.
- Delegate

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