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Festival Cancellation Poilicy

Chorus Registration Cancellation

There will be no cash refunds for cancelled chorus registrations. Paid fees will be applied to membership dues. In a case where Festival fees are more than the amount of 2 years dues, we will make some sort of arrangement with chorus leadership.

Delegate Registration Cancellation

While we do offer cash refunds for cancelled delegate registration (stuff happens), we cannot process any refunds until AFTER FESTIVAL IS OVER -- August 2020 at the earliest. We are a very small staff, and it’s impossible to spend time on the manual process of refunds AND plan Festival at the same time. Refund requests should be emailed to info [at] All refunds will be charged a $50 processing fee.

Delegates will be able to sell their registration (often for a profit) through the Integra Marketplace, which is a peer-to-peer platform very similar to eBay. A seller lists their registration at the desired price, then will receive an email every time a buyer is interested in purchasing the registration. The seller can choose the buyer, and the two parties agree to a transaction. While the transaction can be anonymous, buyer and seller can (and should) communicate with each other via email. Once the transaction is completed in Integra, the registration automatically transfers from the seller to the buyer.

For details on selling and buying a registration on the Marketplace, see the Integra Planner Help article.

See Festival Online!

Even if you can’t make it to Minneapolis for Festival 2020, you can still see some of the performances. We will be broadcasting select performances live over the web so that the expression of free voices and our message of inclusion can be heard anywhere where there is an internet connection. The URL to stream all live broadcasts is We’ll post a webcast schedule as soon as it becomes available.