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The Festival Inclusion Fund

The GALA Festival experience is inspirational and powerfully affirmative. Our goal is to offer the opportunity to experience this life-changing event to as many people as possible. Together, we will raise $250,000 to change our world through song by making Festival 2020 the most inclusive celebration of LGBTQ voices in history.

GALA Choruses works hard to keep Festival delegate registration accessible to all. While the full cost of a registration is valued at $425, all attendees are eligible to save over 35% through early registration. Based on 2016 attendance, delegate savings will total an estimated $672,750. Seniors, youth, and disabled delegates will save even more through specially underwritten registration options to help ensure their participation.

In addition to keeping fees as low as possible, GALA provides 1 free delegate scholarship for every 20 paid registrations to all adult member choruses. This empowers each chorus to choose how to best support its own singers. With more than 175 scholarships expected to be earned for Festival 2020, that represents nearly $100,000 of direct financial support from GALA to its member choruses. Your registration makes it possible!

If you are able to help others attend Festival, consider paying full price now for your registration. If you choose this registration option, we will credit your $150 early bird savings as a tax-deductible donation to our Festival Inclusion Fund.

Your direct donations to our Festival Inclusion Fund will also help GALA Choruses support the participation of two groups important to the future of our movement: Youth Choruses and Emerging International Choruses.

GALA Youth Choruses

Our youth choruses provide a safe and affirming place for young singers to find their voice. The cost for supporting our youth choruses for Festival 2020 is estimated to be $60,000. We will cover the full costs of registration, housing, breakfasts and lunches for all youth choruses and their chaperones. With your help, over 100 LGBTQ youth singers will experience the life-changing music, love, and acceptance that is Festival.

Emerging International Choruses

Around the world, new LGBTQ choruses are emerging as beacons of hope and pride in countries where our voices are not yet strongly heard. Our festival is enriched by this diversity of cultures and experiences and these organizations will go home with an enhanced vision of what is possible. With your support, we will raise $94,000 to make international travel possible for Coro Gay Cuidad de Mexico, Qwerty Quire from Ukraine, Beijing Queer Chorus, Hyperbolic Singers from Shanghai, and G Major Chorus from Taipei .

Change the world of our member choruses, youth chorus singers and international LGBTQ choirs by helping to bring them to GALA Festival 2020!

Register and Donate

We are 96% of the way to our fundraising goal for the Festival Inclusion Fund. Thanks to the hundreds of you who have donated as you registered for Festival and some very generous matching donors who have made major gifts to ensure that GALA can support those in need, our youth and our emerging international chorus guests. For those who have not yet registered, please consider a donation and help us push towards the finish line!

Youth Pride

The Next Generation of LGBTQ Voices

Support our Youth!

  • 97% of all high school students hear anti-gay slurs daily
  • The majority of LGBTQ students have never seen anyone intervene in anti-gay harassment
  • LGBTQ youth are five times more likely to skip school because they feel unsafe
  • One out of four minors who comes out to their parent(s) is kicked out of the home