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Songs of the Phoenix

Songs of the Phoenix is a major, 10-movement commissioned choral work featuring songs from greats like Andrew Lippa, Stephen Sondheim,  Stephen Scwartz, and more.  The 2 years of COVID dormancy hit the performing arts especially hard. Singing together was taken away. Being together was taken away. And while we were apart, we were brought to our knees by social injustices. Songs of the Phoenix will capture that moment when the spirit begins to rise, revived by the sun, sings glorious music and reports from the sky the glory of all of us below. The work will focus on victory, rebirth, joy – all of which are often born from tragedy and loss. SONGS OF THE PHOENIX is about the return of laughter, light, and the lifting of voices locked together in love and music.

Event Details

Event Date: March 25  

Event Website:

Event Venue:
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Atlanta GA
United States