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New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus

The New Mexico premier of NakedMan, a 16-movement song cycle about gay men’s lives, and the bravery required to love authentically and without shame. Over sixty gay men were interviewed about their experiences coming out, finding love, facing discrimination, serving in the military, wrestling with religion, losing loved ones and accepting themselves. Their stories were weaved together into NakedMan, an empowering, epic collection of anthems laying bare the lives and souls of gay men, championing love and healing over hatred and fear.

Though NakedMan was written 25 years ago, there are actions and movements across the nation that are working against us today that make its message of self-worth, self-acceptance and truth more important than ever. “Don’t Say Gay” laws, anti-Trans legislations, and attacks on reproductive rights and body autonomy are real fights. There are politicians fighting to prevent drag shows that won’t address gun violence. And some political groups are (again) publicly claiming that “homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.” More than ever, it is time to speak, and sing, the truth of our lives, our loves and our entire existence.

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Event Date: June 24 - June 24  

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Event Venue:
National Hispanic Cultural Center
Albuquerque NM
United States