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Lead With Love

Women in Harmony’s January 2023 concert, entitled “Lead with Love,” explores the many-faceted concept of love—as a shared feeling among lovers or friends, as the embodiment of the divine, and as a force for good that unites us. The songs range from “Love is the Mother of Us All,” to “Standing on the Side of Love,” to “Signs: Voices the Women’s March,” which reminds us that “love, not hate, makes America great.” In “Where the Light Begins,” love is the sunlight of the spirit, which can take an entire lifetime to see. And our title song, “Lead with Love,” is a reminder that if our actions can be imbued with love, if we can put aside our fears and choose hope, if we can just put one foot in front of the other, then we can lead with love.

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Event Date: January 13 - January 14  

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South Portland Maine
United States