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Paying it Forward

Posted on: January 9th, 2015 by Scott Gale GALA Articles 1 Comment

In late November 2014 I received a wonderful surprise when I opened my mail. It was a note from Robin Godfrey, the Executive Director of GALA Choruses, informing our Equality Rocks! Chorus in Thunder Bay, Ontario that River City Mixed Chorus in Omaha had “paid forward” their 30th anniversary gift from GALA. River City themselves had […]

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The IOC Responds

Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by GALA Communications GALA Articles No Comments

In early 2014 GALA Choruses joined other LGBTQ organizations in writing to Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, asking “that the IOC develop language that explicitly includes sexual orientation in existing non-discrimination policies.” The full text of the letter from GALA Choruses can be found in a previous blog post here. The IOC has responded […]

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A Mighty Voice in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Posted on: December 16th, 2014 by GALA Communications GALA Articles No Comments

American musician and songwriter Norah Jones said, “For me, making music is part social, part interaction, part collaboration.”  On November 22 and 23, 2014 Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus (PHMC) – Madison, WI, City of Festivals Men’s Chorus (COFMC) – Milwaukee, WI, and One Voice Mixed Chorus (One Voice) – St. Paul, MN came together to […]

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Audiences, Insights, Action

Posted on: December 8th, 2014 by GALA Communications GALA Articles No Comments

Karen Yair, who sits on the board of directors of Big Apple Performing Arts, and Charlie Beale, artistic director of the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, tell the story of an audience research study conducted earlier this year by New York City Gay Men’s Chorus. Learn more at: View the more on the […]

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Champions’ Homecoming – GGMC returns from Riga

Posted on: November 18th, 2014 by Joseph Piazza GALA Articles No Comments

After more than two years of planning, months of tour and travel preparation, days and nights learning brand new commissioned works, and long hours memorizing texts in Hungarian, Finnish, and Latin, the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus of San Francisco returned home from the 2014 World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia this past July as gold […]

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From Beijing to Denver 2016

Posted on: October 28th, 2014 by Eric Lane Barnes GALA Articles No Comments

Hello, GALA members and friends! Eric Lane Barnes here, associate artistic director of Seattle’s Flying House Productions (Seattle Men’s Chorus, Seattle Women’s Chorus, Sensible Shoes, and Captain Smartypants) and composer of songs you may know (Drama Queen, Caffeine Overload Polka, Black Christmas, etc.). As some of you know, in June of 2013 I spent two […]

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Authenticity in the New Age

Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by Reid Vanderburgh GALA Articles 1 Comment

LGBTQQIAA, aka ‘the acronym’ – quite a mouthful. A 60-something gay friend of mine commented to me awhile ago, “I can’t keep track anymore, I don’t know what all the letters mean! No disrespect intended, but I just keep saying ‘GLBT’ because it’s what I know.” Many in GALA choruses see the times shifting around […]

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