411 Advisors: Jeff Heine

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Jeff Heine bas been Executive Director of TCGMC since May 2009. Prior to his current role he served two seasons on the Board of Directors as chair of Resource Development. Jeff arrived at TCGMC after a twenty year career with Carlson Companies, a global leader in the marketing, hospitality and travel industries. He was most recently director of customer strategy within the Hotel Group and served as a trustee of the Marketing Science Institute. Jeff is also a relationship management and targeted marketing consultant.

Jeff traveled with the Chorus for their entire historic “Great Southern Sing Out Tour” in the summer of 2006, as part of the Chorus’s 25th anniversary season. After seeing the positive impact that the Chorus made on the audiences in the cities they visited in the deep South, Jeff decided that he needed to have a more active role in this organization. He started as a volunteer and then moved in to a board position in 2007. A native of the Twin Cities, Jeff is a graduate of Macalester College. He resides in the North Loop district of downtown Minneapolis. You can reach Jeff at adminadvisor@galachoruses.org.

I am honored to be the GALA 411 chorus manager advisor. As Executive Director of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus for the past four and a half years, I have guided our organization through extreme financial challenges and the transition of artistic leadership. Prior to my tenure as ED, I served on the Board of Directors for two years as chair of the Resource Development Committee, while I was Director of Customer Strategy of Carlson Hotels Worldwide.

Here are some areas where a consultation with me might assist a GALA-affiliated chorus:

– Managing the day to day
– Identifying ways to improve day to day processes so you can focus more on the work you need to get done
– Putting together a fund raising event that meets your financial goals
– Working with volunteers
– Building strong working relationships with your Board of Directors, singing membership and staff
– Balancing managing the chorus in addition to being its artistic leader
– Helping you plan an effective board / staff retreat
– Facebooking and tweeting your way to an effective social media plan
– Developing strategic, development and marketing plans
– And here’s the fun part: actually putting those plans to work!

I am looking forward to learning more about your choruses and working with you over the next two years!

Jeff Heine
GALA Choruses, 411 Advisor