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Solidarity with the AAPI Community

2020 was a year like no other.

Against the backdrop of a virus that killed over half a million people, we bore witness to repeated attacks on communities of color and felt helpless to turn the tide as the lives of unarmed black people were taken away again and again and again. And, our democracy almost crumbled, when “patriots” stormed our capital to protest the results of an election that they could not overturn.

But, with a New Year, we began to feel new hope. Our collective cautious optimism grew as the availability of effective COVID-19 vaccines increased. We began contemplating what a so-called new normal might look and feel like. As the roll-out continues, we advocate for an equitable process that makes vaccines available to all individuals as quickly as possible.

Sadly, while we prepare for a more hopeful, more normal time, we have also been confronted, yet again, with violent and senseless incidents of racial hate, this time perpetrated against our family members in the AAPI community. We are saddened. We are angered. But we will not be silent. We see and hear you and affirm that you are part of our vision of a world where all voices are free.

Your GALA Choruses Board is listening too. We hear your expressions of grief over violence and your righteous anger about voting rights and racial inequality. Our public programs through the spring and summer will shine a light on many facets of social justice and lift up voices of hope wherever we find them. Additionally, we have elevated the work of our New Harmony Task Force to take their work to the next level, both for our board and for our member choruses. We invite you to join us in taking action as you are able against discrimination and hate in your local community.

So often our chorus families are the places we go to seek comfort and give support in times of crisis. As we continue to maintain safety protocols that keep us physically distant, now is a great time to be sure you reach out and check in on singers you would normally see weekly. Although most of us aren’t singing together in person yet, our voices continue to have both power and grace.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

-GALA Choruses