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GALA Board & Committees

Board members are elected to three-year terms. The current roster of the GALA Choruses Board of Directors is below. To contact the Board of Directors, please send an e-mail to



* Michael Tate
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
San Francisco, CA


* Maria-Elena Grant
Lavender Light Gospel Choir
New York, NY


* Michael McDonald
Portland Gay Men's Chorus
Portland, OR


Becky Porter
Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Portland, OR


Charles Beale
New York, NY


Tim Blanchard-Modisette
New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
New York, NY


Jared Brayton Bollenbacher
Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus
Columbus, OH


Shawn Cullen
Heartland Men’s Chorus
Kansas City, MO


Jeff Chapdelaine
Boston, MA


Miriam Davidson
Anna Crusis Women’s Choir
Philadelphia, PA


Laura De Veau
Boston Gay Men's Chorus
Newton, MA


Chipper Dean
Gay Men's Chorus of Wash. DC
Washington, DC


Abdullah Rasheen Hall
Trans Chorus of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


Scott Horne
New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
New York, NY

Karen Lane

Karen Lane
Seattle Men’s Chorus/Seattle Women’s Chorus
Seattle, WA


Joe Nadeau
Kansas City, MO


Steve Smith
Berkshire Choral International
Pittsfield, MA

Oscar Urtusástegui

Oscar Urtusástegui
Coro Gay Ciudad de Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

* Executive Committee Members

Thoughts from the Board on their GALA Service

"I have found board service rewarding. The board has taken bold steps to build stronger relationships and I have found this empowering and satisfying. I feel respected and feel that all our board members are given the time and opportunity to express their views and opinions."
- Martin Brophy

"Serving on the GALA board has completely exceeded my expectations. I came on board with some skepticism as to the viability of the association, but the turnaround process has been a pleasure to be involved with and committed to. My service has been filled with highly satisfying opportunities both in terms of professional achievement and interpersonal relationships. I will be very sad to end my term and hope to continue to serve in whatever capacities the board finds appropriate and useful." -
Steve Smith

"I have loved serving on this Board and helping to move GALA Choruses through difficult times and beyond a difficult reputation. It has been fulfilling and engaging and many of the people I have met have become lasting friends."
- Joann Usher

"My experience on the GALA Board has solidified my belief that AMAZING things can be accomplished in a short period of time when an organization's Board and Staff share a common vision and work together to achieve their shared goals.

The opportunity for me to visit many of our member Choruses over the last six years has made it abundantly clear that we are more alike than different and we have so many similar experiences in our respective histories, regardless of the number of singers we put on stage or the numbers in front of the decimal points on the line items of our budgets. This similarity is the foundation of GALA."
- Jeffrey Ayres, former president of the GALA Board of Directors

GALA Committees

Finance Committee
Becky Porter, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Review of the annual operating plan for the corporation prior to its submission for full
    Board approval.
  • Review of monthly financial reports containing an analysis of actual vs. budgeted results
    and a forecast of cash flows for the remainder of the year.
  • Annual review of the internal control and investment policies.
  • Annual review of the corporation's annual financials with the auditors and of the Form 990
    filing with the IRS.
  • Annual review of the corporation's insurance program.
  • Annual review of the corporation's banking and credit arrangements

Membership Committee
Chipper Dean, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Oversight of the process for supporting new member choruses and training existing members
    on the use of GALA programs and services.
  • Assistance with the recognition of member chorus anniversaries
  • Oversight of the process for obtaining and disseminating survey information to member
  • Assistance with identifying options for support of transgender singers and youth

Education and Networking
Brayton Bollenbacher, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Oversight of the annual leadership symposium and the manager's and director's retreat.
  • Oversight of the 411 program.
  • Oversight of the online member resources programs including webinars and podcasts, the
    resource library and online chorus management educational materials.

External Relations
Charles Beale, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assistance with the development of relationships with other international LGBT choral
  • Assistance with building relationships with mainstream music organizations.
  • Develop strategies to coordinate with other LGBT organizations to advocate on LGBT human
    rights issues.

Resource Development Committee
Laura DeVeau, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide oversight and assistance in the development of the annual individual donation
    campaign which includes board contributions.
  • Provide oversight and assistance in the development of the corporate sponsorship
  • Provide oversight and assistance in the development of foundation relationships and grant

Festival Committee
Joe Nadeau and Kathleen Hansen, Co-Chairs

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide oversight of the planning and budgeting for the quadrennial Festival and critical
    review of the final festival report.
  • Assist in the development of a database of cities capable of hosting Festival.

Communications Committee
Michael Tate, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist in the development of strategies to keep the membership engaged via social
  • Provide oversight of the development and maintenance of the organization's web site.
  • Assist in the creation of a strategy and plan for electronic communications.

Governance Committee
Michael McDonald, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Establish a matrix of skills, geographic location and chorus type to guide the Board in
    achieving an appropriate diversity of representation.
  • Identify individuals to recruit to the Board and make the appropriate contacts to determine
    their interest in Board service.
  • Prepare a slate of candidates for nomination to the Board.
  • Coordinate the orientation of new Board member

New Harmony Taskforce
Maria-Elena Grant, Chair

Specific Responsibilities

  • Produce and update of the New Harmony Workbook
  • Advise member choruses on DEI issues as requested through the 411 Program.
  • Advise the Board of Directors on matters of equity, access and belonging.