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San Diego Gay Men's Chorus


Principal Accompanist

Job Location: 

San Diego, CA

Closing Date: 
Type of Position: 

Part Time

Salary and Benefits: 

$1000 a month

Description of Position Duties: 

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is seeking a part-time, year-round Principal Accompanist to join its artistic leadership team. With 250 volunteer members, SDGMC is one of the world's largest and most highly regarded gay-affiliated choruses with a community outreach mission to change lives one voice at a time. Responsibilities and parameters of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. The Principal Accompanist will be an integral member of the Artistic Team reporting directly to the Artistic Director. All activities within this position description are to be performed in accordance with the objectives and goals of the Artistic Director.

2. The Principal Accompanist is expected to be an excellent pianist with previous experience performing and rehearsing with a large choir or chorus. The position requires someone with the ability to improvise or make changes to music on short notice, with excellent sight-reading skills, the ability to read multi-staffed choral scores and a knowledge of choral rehearsal techniques.

3. The Principal Accompanist will provide piano/keyboard accompanist services at all Chorus auditions, rehearsals and performances, including rehearsals and performances for small ensembles such as the SDGMC Chamber Chorale.

4. The average time commitment per week is 5-10 hours including three hours per Monday full-Chorus rehearsals and two hours for Tuesday small ensemble rehearsals. Most show seasons also include a half-day and full-day additional weekend rehearsal as determined by the Artistic Director.

5. The Chorus presents three main stage shows per year with two weekend shows of each and one additional Saturday of the holiday show. In the week leading up to these shows, the hours worked will include four evening Tech Rehearsals, a Saturday dress rehearsal and performances on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The full Chorus does not rehearse during August, although the Principal Accompanist will receive a regular monthly compensation as the Chamber Chorale and auditions will continue to require accompanist services.

6. The Principal Accompanist will lead the instrumental component of concert performances including the 'pit band' and will help decide what and how many instruments are used for each concert working in conjunction with the Artistic Director. The Principal Accompanist will be responsible for securing the musicians, organizing separate band rehearsals, overseeing the creation of band arrangements and providing physical printed parts for instrumental musicians.

7. The Principal Accompanist will lead and direct as many as ten outreach performances throughout the year. Any outreach performances directed in excess of the 10 performances during the year will be paid an extra $l00 for each said outreach performance.

8. The Principal Accompanist will attend one weekend once a year at an all-Chorus retreat which includes a full-day and one half-day rehearsal with hotel and meal expenses paid by the Chorus.

9. The Principal Accompanist will assist Section Leaders and other singers in the creation of recorded rehearsal tracks which are disseminated to the full Chorus at the beginning of each rehearsal season.

10. The Principal Accompanist must strictly adhere to the rules set forth in the SDGMC Member Handbook.

11. Attributes of this person include a positive attitude, flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills and a strong desire to work with a non-profit performing arts group with a major community outreach mission.

Description of Position Qualifications: 

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is a gay-affiliated organization and is open to all qualified individuals who are supportive of its mission and hold a genuine respect for people of all ethnic, cultural, religious, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Information Required to Apply: 

Anyone interested in applying for this position should submit a one-page cover letter and resume to Bob Lehman at by July 10, 2017.

Submit Information to: 

Bob Lehman at by July 10, 2017