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The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus


Executive Director

Job Location: 

Columbus, OH

Closing Date: 
Salary and Benefits: 

Full time position. Salary starts at $33,000.00 annually. Salary and Benefits negotiable and commensurate with experience.

Description of Position Duties: 

Serves as the development and administrative manager for the Columbus Gay Men's chorus (CGMC, Chorus). Manages overall business operations within guidelines of the CGMC Strategic Plan and its mission/vision through support ofBoard and committees. Develops including but not limited to ticket sales, private donations, corporate donations and private/public grants. Provides operations/logistics/marketing support for all organization events. Prepares regular reports for CGMC Board of Directors (Board) and Artistic Director and participates in all management related events, including oard meetings and strategic planning meetings. Manages finances of the organization biweekly, including transactional activity, annual audit, and all financial reporting/filing requirements. Manages office space and materials and oversees contracted and/or volunteer support staff. Upholds CGMC's mission and vision; maintains ethical standards and behavior while representing the Chorus, and abides by the Bylaws and principles of the CGMC Membership Handbook.


Development and Fundraising

  • Serves on the Development Committee to coordinate with the Board on any and all fund campaigns, including gift acknowledgements, record gifts, pledge renewals, and other transactions.
  • Coordinates and facilitates the recruitment and retention of corporate sponsors or major donors with effective material and promotional information. Prepares any final reports in a timely fashion.
  • Identifies grant opportunities and coordinates with appropriate officers and staff in completing applications and any follow up. Prepares any final reports in a timely fashion.
  • Executes fundraising events with support of appropriate committees and the Board.
  • Through an effective system and documented process, communicates regularly with patrons, donors and members through email and web updates both acknowledging their commitment to the organization and identifying ways to deepen their commitment.
  • Works with Treasurer and Development Committee on executing planned giving strategies both to major donors and significant prospects.

Administrative/Business Operations/Marketing

  • Defines and creates/maintains processes, policies, and procedures for CGMC operations and documentation including proper and appropriate storage, retention, retrieval and disposal.
  • Coordinates and oversees ticketing for all performances, including but not limited to, pricing and methods of ticket availability (CAPA Box office, through membership, season ticket sales, etc.)
  • Serves on the Marketing Committee to plan and execute marketing campaigns including print, web, direct mail, viral media, etc.
  • Coordinates evaluation and effectiveness of campaigns. Works with committee on increasing program ad sales or sponsored sales packages as a material income source and to create and develop the programs as appropriate. Actively seeks feedback from
  • Committee on ticket pricing, including strategies to drive additional sales through campaign and promotional pricing.
  • Plans and oversees effective communications and web design. Maintains the CGMC web site and other informational sources. Serves a primary contact for CGMC to the public and for media inquiries. Communicates as necessary with membership.
  • Updates and publishes the Strategic Plan on an annual basis.


  • With Treasurer and Artistic Director, creates and establishes a budget to be approved by the Board of Directors prior to each concert season; oversees and manages any and all budget items assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • Performs bookkeeping transactional activity, including categorizing and accounting for all financial transactions.
  • Maintains financial records pursuant to audit requirements and organizes all records for appropriate storage, retention and disposal.
  • Initiates and participates in the annual audit. Addresses any concerns cited in audit with the assistance of the Treasurer.
  • Completes all tax information and forms in a timely manner.

Artistic Operations/Logistics Support

  • Prior to the beginning of each concert, coordinates with the Artistic Director the rehearsal and performance schedule and rehearsal space reservations.
  • Coordinates with the Artistic Director and logistical considerations for performances as it relates to space reservations and payment for spaces.
  • Coordinates any non-singing volunteer support for CGMC performances.

Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Description of Position Qualifications: 
  • Strong financial skills, including strong experience in budgeting;
  • Strong development and/or financial developmental skills;
  • Strong communication skills, including strong public speaking;
  • Strong marketing skills;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Strong time management skills, including task delegation;
  • Knowledge of artistic programming;
  • Knowledge of grant writing;
  • Knowledge of arts organization;
  • Knowledge about strategic planning and programming;
  • The ability to function as a mediator among CGMC members, Board of Directors, Staff;
  • Expense management skills and the ability to work strictly within budgeted guidelines.
Information Required to Apply: 

Please submit resume and 3 references

Other Information: 

The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus (CGMC) was formed in 1990 and maintains the vision of its founding members, to foster increased recognition, understanding, and acceptance of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons (GLBT). CGMC is a non-auditioned chorus open to all people regardless of vocal talent, musical abilities, race, gender, religion, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, or economic means. The members of CGMC are equally dedicated to performing vocal music of the highest quality for their audiences and to maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie, support, and respect for its diverse members.

As a performing arts group, the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus strives to enrich and to entertain its diverse audience through varied concerts and other performances comprised of a range of vocal, musical, theatrical, and dance presentations. CGMC creates innovative, entertaining, and provocative performances that enhance the contribution of the arts in the Columbus and central Ohio communities and that honor, preserve, and expand the artistry of the male chorus. In selecting accessible venues and providing American Sign Language interpreters for its concert season, CGMC endeavors to perform and entertain all people. The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus has created and may create other ensembles under the direction of the artistic staff that can perform, entertain, and provide outreach to new audiences.

Submit Information to: 

Douglas Motz