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Cantaria - The Gay Men's Chorus of Asheville


Artistic Director

Job Location: 

Asheville, NC

Closing Date: 
Type of Position: 

Contract Employee

Salary and Benefits: 

Salary is commensurate with education, experience and budget

Description of Position Duties: 

Purpose of Position:
To further develop artistic programming, collaborations and concerts that enhance the mission of the organization.

Time Commitment:
.20 FTE, salaried position. Flexible hours, evenings and weekends.

Chorus Mission:

  • To achieve excellence in musical performance
  • To enrich the lives of participants through social and fellowship experiences
  • To foster Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community spirit and to present a positive gay image to the Western North Carolina community at large.


1. Promote the Chorus' focus on its mission

  • Work with the Chorus, the Board of Directors and volunteers to promote a positive atmosphere of community within the organization.
  • Network with other art organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility of the Chorus and to encourage collaboration.

2.Design, coordinate and direct Chorus Programming:

  • Organize annual rehearsal and performance schedule at the first of each fiscal year.
  • Conduct Chorus auditions twice annually to maintain integrity and balance of the Chorus.
  • Follow up with new Chorus members after three (3) rehearsals to evaluate preparedness
  • Conduct all rehearsals and performances. In the event of foreseen absences to arrange for substitute director.
  • Prepare concert program order and present complete program music to the Chorus at large within the first month of rehearsals for scheduled performance.
  • Develop the Chorus' musicianship and establishing sectional rehearsals when indicated.
  • Select soloists, instrumentalists, and guest artists for the performances subject to budget.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate Chorus etiquette and behavior during rehearsals and performance.
  • Appoint Chorus rehearsal and performance accompanist contingent upon budget. In the foreseen absence oversee selection of a substitute.
  • Work with the Chorus members' diverse talent base in artistic programing and production.

3. Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Manage communication, logistics and planning details for performances.
  • Select repertoire, coordinating music purchases and, if applicable, coordinating music licensing fees for all performances or recordings.
  • Appoint Section Leaders to serve as liaisons for new members.
  • Maintain close communication with the membership regarding scheduling, auditions, and transactions of Chorus members
  • Research, with assistance from the Board of Directors, performance venues and evaluate use.
  • Be willing to represent and promote the Chorus at community events and in the media.
  • Be willing to assist in publicity of concerts in conjunction with Marketing Committee.
  • Work with Chorus to select new attire when needed within budget.
  • Serve as an ex-officio Board Member.
  • Prepare a written report for monthly Board of Directors meetings.
Description of Position Qualifications: 
  • BA or Advanced Degree in Music with an emphasis in choral conducting or equivalent conducting experience.
  • Experience conducting or working with a Chorus with singers of various musical skills and experience.
  • Interest in and commitment to embrace the mission of the Chorus.
  • Ability to offer strong leader skills.
  • Flexibility in working with a diverse group of volunteers and personalities.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • An ability to work within electronic mediums: word processing, e-mail and internet.
Information Required to Apply: 

Please submit your resume including a sample of a chorus program produced (either a copy or pdf file).

Resumes and other items can be emailed to:

Resumes and other items can be mailed to:

Cantaria P.O. Box 2577
Asheville, NC 28802

For any questions please contact Butch Thompson, Vice President, at