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GALA 411 Program Basics

The GALA 411 program includes an Artistic Advisor, Chorus Management Advisor, Board Development Advisor and Youth Chorus Advisor. The advisors provide consulting services to member choruses through Skype or Google Hangouts, conference calls, webinars and on-site workshops if absolutely necessary.  The 411 advisors all have extensive experience in their areas and can serve as year-round sources of consulting assistance for our member choruses. 

Our current 411 Advisors are Joe Nadeau, Eve Campbell, Jeff Heine, and Susan Haugh. Any member chorus may request a consultation from any of the 411 Advisors at any time.

Our 411 advisors take on a variety of consulting assignments.  Our board development advisor deals with board and staff relationship issues, strategic planning, board fundraising responsibilities, and best practices for perpetuating a board.  The GALA artistic advisor can help with mission-oriented programming, vocal technique, incorporating multimedia, choreography and theatrical elements into productions, membership and board relations and rehearsal management.

The chorus manager advisor can help a member chorus with designing a fundraising event, working with volunteers, developing social media plans and preparing a development plan.  Our GALA youth chorus advisor can assist our existing youth chorus members with all of the challenges unique to a youth chorus as well as advise groups thinking about forming a youth chorus.