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Workshop Descriptions

Artistic Director Open Agenda
Joe Nadeau and Jane Ramseyer Miller, facilitators

Join your musical colleagues for an open agenda with conversation on topics designated by the group.

Board of Directors Open Agenda
Eve Campbell, facilitator

Join your board colleagues for an open agenda with conversation on topics designated by the group.

Volunteer Leadership Open Agenda
Jeff Heine, facilitator

Join your volunteer leadership colleagues for an open agenda with conversation on topics designated by the group.

Chorus Board Leadership Institute
Eve Campbell and Robin Godfrey, facilitators

The Institute will focus on succession planning, hiring and empowering happy, productive staff and the Board's role in copyright issues. Learn the basics of copyright requirements and your responsibilities as a board member for ensuring that your chorus is in compliance. During the workshop we will review a checklist board members can use and an example concert music budget that will demonstrate the costs of compliance (and the high cost of non-compliance).

New Artistic Directors Institute: Resources and Networking
Jane Ramseyer Miller, Joe Nadeau, facilitators

Are you an artistic director who is new to GALA Choruses? You are invited to arrive early to meet with some of our seasoned conductors on Friday afternoon. This session will give you a chance to meet other conductors in a smaller setting, ask any questions that are burning and get to know the resources available through GALA Choruses.

New Artistic Directors Institute: The Perfect Rehearsal
Tim Seelig, presenter

Singing the blues over your rehearsals? Spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Being a choral director is like being a travel agent. We choose delightful destinations (music), but we don't always make the journey enjoyable or exciting. What you do in every rehearsal makes a difference! It is your responsibility to be organized, make it fun and enjoy the journey! Do those things and the destination will take care of itself. Great rehearsals are the best recruitment tool you have.

Feeding the Voice and the Soul – for Singers
Tim Seelig, presenter

There is never enough time to adequately learn how to sing by just singing in a choir. Because we sang as children, we make assumptions that we actually know how to do just that. In a fast-paced overview of how your voice works, we'll touch on all of the important areas as well as how to sing with your entire being. The rewards of singing in a chorus are countless. We'll count some of them together!

Expanding the Circle: The Meaning of Inclusivity
Sam Bullington, Reid Vanderburgh and Travis Ballard, facilitators

Inclusivity involves expanding the circle of our chorus outward so all, "us and them," are now inside a new and larger circle, becoming instead "we." Together we will explore various ways to expand the circle, creating welcoming and inviting spaces.

Repertoire Reading Sessions
Kathleen Hanson, Jeff Buhrman and Joe Nadeau, facilitators

Join Artistic Director colleagues to share favorite repertoire for SA, TB and SATB choruses. Bring a list of your most successful music, programming ideas, themes, or novel approaches that you believe other directors might benefit from. Include sources and contact info. Any music you bring to share may only include the first two pages of the score and must include complete composer, copyright and publisher information.

The Effects of Aging on the Singing Voice
Dr. Stan Hill, presenter

Two specific pathologies can affect the singing voice in singers over 50 years old. LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux (LPR) or GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease) is acknowledged widely as well as Prsebylarynx, a condition in which age-related atrophy of the soft tissues of the larynx results in vocal weakness and restricted vocal range and stamina. In other words, it is the loss of vocal fold tone and elasticity due to aging which affects voice quality. Our AD discussion of anecdotal experiences will explore vocalizes, and therapies to help with the aging singers' ability to perform with your chorus.

Trans Inclusivity
Reid Vanderburgh and Sam Bullington, presenters

"LGBT" is often used as if we are one community. "LGB" refer to variations on sexual orientation. It's tricky enough to navigate the differences between lesbian and gay community, bisexual is often left behind – and then there's the T. This workshop explores what it means to be trans-inclusive in the context of a GALA chorus including flexibility for transitioning voices, use of inclusive gender language and Trans 101 terminology.

Getting A Great Sound
Michael Hayden, presenter

From tone and timbre to vowel and consonant structure, Veteran GALA conductor Michael Hayden's workshop for conductors focuses on the development of a rich and unified sound. Through solid vocal pedagogy and two learning theories, singers are empowered to not only sing beautifully but become the best versions of themselves possible. In our rehearsals, they can become stronger and more confident singers and individuals.

Out of the Concert Hall, into Schools: Engaging youth by meeting them in their space
Gavin Thrasher

Demonstration of a youth engagement program in a high school, with a presentation and discussion about starting a successful school program in your chorus, including sample materials from GMCLA's Alive Music Project, which you can use to start your own program, and frameworks for collaborating with school districts and organizations.

The Board's Role in Community Engagement
Eve Campbell, presenter

There are many facets of community outreach: Marketing, Audience Development, Corporate Responsibility, Support of Other Nonprofit's Goals, Fundraising, Social Awareness, to name a few. What role should a board play in setting the direction of an organization's community outreach? This is an interactive session discussing how to use outreach more effectively and strategically in support of the mission statement!

The Evolution of the Strategic Planning Process
Eve Campbell, presenter

One size does not fit all nor should it! This session will explore the different styles and philosophies of creating a Strategic Plan in an ever changing economic and political environment. We will also discuss the components of a good plan.

The Board's Role in Fund Development
Eve Campbell, Presenter

Discuss and share thoughts and best practices to turn your board into a productive fundraising board. Fundraising is one of the primary responsibilities of any board member yet many shy away from this duty. We will discuss different ways to approach board giving, board fund development training, and how to hold each other accountable.

GALA 411 Advisor Panel Discussion
Eve Campbell, Joe Nadeau, Jeff Heine, Susan Haugh

A discussion around dealing with the working relationship between the AD, Board and Manager (paid or volunteer).

An Insider's Guide to Successful Events
Jeffrey Kash, presenter

Whether it's a gala, a cabaret, live auction or a fancy dinner, events can be fun ways to build your audience and raise money. Most events, however, are organized by volunteers who may not know best practices for making your event a social -- and financial -- success. Join award-winning event planner Jeffrey Kash on all the tricks of the trade, from invites to fundraising and corporate underwriting. Make your next event the talk of the town!

Part 1: Crowdfunding: Lessons Learned from the Musical Trenches
Jeffrey Nytch, presenter

Crowdfunding: is it just the newest fad or is it a viable way for your choruses to fund projects? What are the keys to successful crowdfunding, and when does it represent a good choice for your organization? In this practical session, Dr. Jeffrey Nytch will dispel common myths about crowdfunding and provide strategies to help make your campaign a success.

Part 2: Crowdfund Your Chorus: A Hands-on Workshop
Vanessa Pagan, presenter

A hands-on workshop where participants would be able to go through a Campaign launch planning checklist and start to gather resources they have available and flesh out timelines for a campaign. One attendee gets to have their campaign idea fleshed out with the help of the group.

21st Century Chorus Management
Jacob Levine, presenter

Looking to move your chorus away from paper and spreadsheets? Come learn about the various technologies and tools your choir can use to save time, make life easier for your singers, fundraise more effectively, and sell more tickets.

Relationships – A two-way street 
Steve Smith and Cliff Schiappa, Presenters

Those who support our choruses, whether they are individuals, advertisers, foundations, corporations or the media do so because they want success...for themselves and for the Chorus.

Steve Smith, executive director of Flying House Productions in Seattle and Cliff Schiappa, development director at Heartland Men’s Chorus in Kansas City will lead a discussion about ways to bring stakeholders closer to the Chorus, and vice versa. And here’s the secret: it’s all about building relationships.

Brand Me Original
Steve Smith and Matthew Ramsey, presenters

A unified chorus look that reflects the culture of your city and community should be an important component of your marketing campaign. Come explore the questions and solutions other choruses have explored to give them a unique, dynamite, and memorable look!

Making an Ask Takes Practice
Steve Smith and Joann Usher, presenters

Finding the right story so "sell" your chorus mission is key in recruiting singers, chorus leadership and soliciting individual donations, grants and sponsors. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their chorus "sales" pitch and receive coaching. Delegates attending this session should arrive with a list of the points they would expect to cover in pitching their chorus.

Part 1: Lessons from the Chorus America Intrinsic Impact Audience Study
Justin Fyala, presenter

The Intrinsic Impact Audience Project was the first-ever systematic study of choral music audiences. The results shed light on what moves and motivates the people who attend choral music performances. In partnership with leading research and consulting firm WolfBrown, Chorus America has made the study and the surveying tools used available to the field to help all choruses create meaningful and engaging experiences for their communities. Presenter Justin Fyala was a participant in the project and will share the experiences of his chorus.

Part II: Survey Planning for Audience Development
Vanessa Pagan, presenter

Take a deeper look at a survey template available within the Chorus Forte software that can be used to gather information of audience preferences and attitudes.