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Hotel Information

The 2016 Leadership Symposium will be held at the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel. The room rate is $159 for single or double occupancy plus tax (currently 16.7%). The $159 rate includes the $10 resort fee which shows up separately on the hotel reservation web site. The current resort fee is $35 which will show up on your reservation but the $10 resort fee under our contract will be honored when you check out. Reservations can be made online

Rooms have been added to the block for Wednesday and Thursday, January 18 and 19 for those looking to arrive early and enjoy a few extra days in the warm weather.  Plenty of rooms are available for Friday and Saturday January 20 and 21.  The hotel does not have any additional rooms available at this time for January 22.  If you were hoping to stay through January 22 please set up the rest of your reservation through the hotel link provided above and check back with the hotel on December 22 to see if any rooms for January 22 have opened up as another group may be releasing some rooms at that time.

Reservations must be made by December 26, 2016. After that date rooms will be on an as available, rate available, basis.


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